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How to care for Irises

I have always liked to act like I have green thumb. I love gardening and planting flowers but I still have a lot to learn about keeping stuff alive. That’s the best thing about gardening..you don’t have to be an expert to get started. I just came across an article the other day that was talking about how gardening can actually cause physiological changes in your  body that make you less prone to heart attacks..so awesome! I wish I could find the article so I could properly quote it but it also mentioned how coming in contact with the dirt was one of the factors that actually made the body healthier. So, there is truth to the old saying that, “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” 🙂 Yard work in general is relaxing to me lol.

I love mowing the lawn which is a good thing..because Tom hates it! (He still mows it most of the time) We just bought a new lawn mower and I think I was way more excited than he was. We have a small area of our yard that is nice grass but the rest of it is just weeds that we mow down so it sort of resembles grass.

I love to see which ones I can actually keep alive…

I love buying bulbs and seed packets just to see which ones I can actually keep alive. One thing I learned this year is how to care for Irises. We moved in to a rental house and there were tons of irises planted all around the yard. I was so excited to see all of the beautiful flowers once they bloomed. I waited. And waited and waited. The plants never flowered! I couldn’t figure out with as many plants as we had..that I only got one or two flowers. I was so disappointed!

Well if you are a newbie gardener like I am…I was surprised to learn my Irises were completely overcrowded and that’s why none of them were producing. If this happens in your garden you need to take them plants out and break them apart. When the plants start to grow close together (like mine were) all of the rhizomes just start to overlap. You will need to replant them spaced further apart so they have room to grow again. You should trim the plant down when you do this as well.

Here is a very quick beginner guide to growing Irises:

+they have rhizomes (the root looking thing lol told you I’m a newbie) that needs to be partially exposed to gain sunlight.

+they like a good amount of sun!

+they do well planted singularly or in small groups (2-3) per area. Once they start getting overcrowded they won’t flower.

+once you have them spaced apart and they have flowers you don’t need to cut the leaves down every season just cut off the old flower stalks.

After I implemented these tips I got SO many beautiful flowers! I know these are probably common sense tips for most gardeners but if there is someone who loves Irises and is clueless about how to care for them like I was…maybe this will help you out! The good news is that Irises are pretty hearty plants and you should be able to move them around without any problems!

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