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How to make all natural Easter egg dye!!

I feel like when people use natural dye on their Easter eggs they get the most unique & beautiful colors!! This year I decided to finally try it myself. I also picked up one of the standard egg dying kits from Target that I will do with the kids. This egg dying project was just for me and I loved it!

I didn’t have any formal instructions to follow and I made a few mistakes I’ll avoid next time. I hard boiled 5 eggs last night and let them cool in the fridge so they would be ready to go. I saw someone using their Instant pot to boil a ton of eggs at once and it was genius!! I also just do mine the old fashion way on the stove top. Next year I’m going to try using my Instant post for sure. Or maybe we will dye eggs again this Summer…who say’s you can only dye eggs for Easter!? I only made 5 eggs for this project and Warner’s sticky little fingers were already checking out the eggs before I was ready to use them. Love all those little blue fingerprints 🙂

I started by looking through my fridge for pretty colors to use as dye! I am someone that does not like wasting food and I hoard left overs. But, for some of the things in our fridge it was just time to go. I grabbed strawberries, kale, cranberries, grapes and tumeric powder! I know blueberries would have probably made beautiful eggs but we love blueberries around here too much to spare any. And why are blueberries so dang expensive.

So, I’ve mentioned before…I don’t really follow recipes…or instructions. I just go with it especially when I’m doing a new DIY project. I feel like that is half the fun…the anticipation to see if it even works! I boiled/simmered each item in 2 cups of water for about 20 minutes. My first mistake was not letting them simmer longer. I think my colors could have gotten waaaay darker if I let them simmer for an hour or longer. But I didn’t have that kind of time! Also, 2 cups of water was too much for my cute ice cream dishes that I used. If I would have used less water the colors would have been more vibrant too!

After I boiled all the things and let them cool a little…it was time to pour the liquid into the glass containers! You can use any little cups you want but I hardly ever use these pretty vintage cups so that’s what I picked. I’ve had them for years and I think I’ve only used them once!!! Do you guys have nice dishes that you’ve never used?? I’m pretty sure I got these at a yardsale so I don’t know that they would even be considered ‘nice’ lol. I love them though! I don’t want to live life having ‘special’ dishes saved for an occasion that never comes. I’ve really been working on taking my belongings down to a minimal level and only having stuff that I actually use. (What a concept)

You can add about a tablespoon of white vinegar into your containers. The little bottles of vinegar by the egg dying stuff at Target we’re like $4. I got this bottle at the dollar store! What does the vinegar do for egg dying? I really have no idea. Something about the calcium in the shell of the egg reacting with the acidity in the vinegar makes the eggs dye well. Plus, the smell brings me back to dying eggs when I was little so I’ll keep using it just for that!

Go easy on the tumeric…

Look at all those red tones! They are beautiful but I would have loved to see more of a variety of colors. The tumeric ended up being the richest color..no surprise. That stuff is like paint! I tried a tumeric DIY mask before and I went a little to heavy on the tumeric. I had an orange tint for a few days. The cranberries also had a pretty good color. The others are really light and I’m not expecting them to show up very much…especially the kale! After I let these cool for a bit I popped an egg in a glass and then set them in the fridge. I let them sit over night hoping the color would get darker.

What ingredients I used out of my fridge!

There are so many different things you can find in your kitchen to make natural dye! Basically anything that can be boiled and will bleed color into the water.

  • Onions(this one surprised me!)
  • Beets
  • Red Cabbage
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Chili powder
  • Spinach

Have you ever dyed eggs with natural ingredients? I’m definitely going to make this a new tradition! I also feel better about eating them after. You never know what’s lurking in those dye tablets from the store. Seriously. I’m looking forward to making a delicious egg salad later this week!

So, they for sure did not turn out as bright as I had hoped! Now I know what I need to do next time. Let the water simmer for longer and I think I’ll for sure use blueberries and beets! I still think they are beautiful and they will make a delicious egg salad!!

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