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Swim lessons…finally!

I can’t believe I waited until Ellie was 5 before I signed her up for swim lessons. I have thought about it every year since she was born. This is just another reminder of how fast time goes by because I really intended on having her go at the age of 3. Time goes by fast…and I am a procrastinator. I think it worked out though and was the perfect time for her to go! We really don’t have anyone in our family that has a pool so it hasn’t really been a big concern. We are all about the blow up kiddie pools but I am always right there when the kids are playing in them.

I had in my mind all of my traumatic experiences from swim lessons when I was little

Taking Ellie to swim lesson ended up being a special bonding time for us too. I decided to leave Warner at my parents while I took her since he is SUPER active…he most definitely would have jumped in the pool. Ellie and I had our little routine down to go to her class. Even though it was only for 30 minutes I think we both looked forward to it 🙂 There were only 3 other kids in her class which was nice! I was actually surprised by how well Ellie did. Not that I didn’t think she was capable but I had in mind all of my traumatic experiences from swim lessons when I was little! Isn’t it funny we always expect our children to interpret everything exactly the way we do and they usually don’t. (Thankfully)

Apparently this type of thing was ok in the 80s…

I still remember every detail about going to swim lessons when I was younger. Walking down the ally to the pool seemed like it took an hour…but it was really just located in someone’s backyard. I can remember the smell of the water, shivering and just feeling a sense of dread about having to jump in! Our teacher used to spank us if we didn’t do what we were supposed to. Can you imagine now days if a swim teacher (or any teacher) spanked the children during class!!! Heads would roll. Apparently that type of thing was ok in the 80s though. I do think children need a little more discipline than they get now, BUT this was just traumatic. I HATED going. I felt like it was a part of my entire childhood when in reality it was probably just a week or two for a few summers.

So, flash forward to Ellie having swim lessons I felt for sure she was going to hate it as much as I did. She LOVED it though!!! After the first day it was all she could talk about and wanted to know when she got to go back. Watching her slowly learn how to float in the water was so fun and I could see her gaining confidence in herself. The best part though was how she cheered on the other kids in the class. It was the sweetest thing ever. I’m always amazed by how friendly and sociable she is because that is something I have always struggled with. Ellie face lit up watching the other kids take their turns and she would yell good job guys! After 8 sessions it was all over and she was SO bummed. It really was perfect timing though because she had her first swim birthday party that weekend. Now she’s almost got me talked into signing her up for next months class too!