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Essential Oils 101

Yay! Welcome, friend! If you are here that means that you are interested in learning more about essential oils and that is awesome. I want to start with a disclaimer..all essential oils are not created equal. When I’m sharing about oils..they are always Young Living oils. Young Living is the global leader in essential oils and has been perfecting their seed to seal promise for 25 years. ( seedtoseal.com ) Other oil companies are popping up all over but just be aware that the FDA does NOT regulate essential oils or production of them! It is completely up to each company how they market and produce their oils…scary right? All that the FDA requires is the bottle to have at least 5% pure oil in it to be labeled as therapeutic grade. This is very concerning for us consumers because we can purchase a bottle labeled ‘therapeutic grade’ at the store and in reality it can be made up of 95% synthetic fillers!

Young Living has 100% transparency

The only way to know that you are getting a legit product is if the company has complete transparency. Start doing your research and you’ll see Young Living is set apart in the essential oil world! They are a completely transparent company. You can visit any of their global farms at ANY time and they actually encourage their distributors to do so! Young Living wants everyone to have confidence in their products and be able to see exactly how they are made. They do not use chemicals at their farms but use a blend of essential oil spray on their crops instead. You can read more about this on their blog..it is so interesting!

Their standards set the bar for any other health & wellness company that is trying to compete. They are the only company I trust for my family

Take baby steps toward switching out chemicals…

Diving into the world of essential oils can seem overwhelming, at first. I suggest downloading the Think Dirty app and start scanning products around your house. Once you see all of the nasty chemicals that are living among your family you’ll be more than ready to switch to the natural product lifestyle. The average woman uses over 300 chemicals on her body every single day. We do this without even thinking…slathering on lotions, perfumes, deodorant & makeup. We need to start educating ourselves on what those ingredients are that we can not pronounce!! Some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, disrupt hormones in both men and women & cause respiratory issues! The Think Dirty app has been so valuable to me in switching out products around my home. A lot of the products I had been purchasing were labeled as ‘green’ so I assumed they were chemical free. Some of these products were rated the worst on the charts!! The best thing is that this app is free and you can start scanning items immediately.

Now, I want to share some basics about essential oils and how to get started using them around your home instead of other chemical filled products!

Using oils doesn’t need to be overwhelming and I’m here to help you every step of the way. We seriously have the best team resources and when you join Young Living you join a community! It matters who you sign up with! You don’t want to get this wonderful kit of oils and just have them sit on your shelf!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils can be the tool to help keep you above the wellness line. I am not a Dr. and I can not make certain claims about oil due to compliance. BUT, when used regularly they are AMAZING support for our bodies. They can support every system in our bodies in different ways. I personally started using them for emotional support and then realized that they could also support my immune system. I am continually finding new ways to incorporate them into my life and I will never turn back. I am someone that has been chronically sick my entire life. I have not been sick once this past year and that is evidence enough for me!

Three ways to use essential oils

Topically: When I’m applying my oils I usually just apply them on my wrists. If the oil is a smell that I don’t love I will apply it to my feet instead. The feet is also a great place for applying oils on younger children. Yes, I apply oils on my children DAILY!! Using oils topically is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get the benefits.

  • Just apply one drop and within 22 seconds the molecules have reached your brain
  • within two minutes they can be found in the bloodstream
  • within 20 minutes they affect every cell in our body.

So, if you are thinking oils are just ‘something that smells nice’…(that is true) but they are so much more than that!! They are constantly supporting and repairing our bodies. This is why it’s so important to use them consistently. Without getting too ‘sciencey’…our bodies do eventually break down the molecules so it’s important to use them every day! *Pro tip: store your oils out in plain sight so you remember to grab them.

Aromatically: You know how the scent of a good candle can set the vibe for your whole home? There is a reason for that. Our sense of smell is DIRECTLY correlated with our emotions. When we breathe in aromas it sends signals to our limbic system which controls all of our emotions, motivation, behavior & long term memory. Once you start using oils you’ll notice that certain ones will bring up different emotions. A lot of people have experienced bouts of crying using White Angelica (myself included!) The aromas have the ability to trigger feelings in us and can be very powerful tools in our emotional health & healing. Especially for people that are going through or have gone through a lot of emotional trauma in their lives.

Internally: This is where Young Living’s seed to seal promise is SO important. Ingesting oils can be a very important part of the health and wellness lifestyle. It’s a quick and easy way to get the oils working in our bodies! I would never ingest any essential oil that did not have the Young Living seed to seal promise. Remember what I mentioned earlier about the FDA requirements. Just because an oil at the store is labeled at ‘therapeutic grade’ does not mean that it is pure. Using oils internally is not for everyone and that is ok! I actually didn’t use them internally at first just because I was not educated on the products. If you prefer to just use topically and aromatically..you’ll still be getting all of the amazing benefits of essential oils. But I do encourage you to at least try a drop of lemon in your water or peppermint in your coffee!! You will love it.

Starter kit oils & uses

Ok, now for the good stuff! If you are wondering what this Premium Starter Kit is that you hear people talking about..it’s basically your new wellness toolbox. Young Living has given you a kit of the most functional and popular oils to get started on ditching chemicals out of your home. The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) comes with 12 of the most popular oils, a beautiful diffuser of choice and samples of thieves cleaner, thieves hand sanitizer and Ningxia Red (super antioxidant drink). You are basically getting a kit of oils that can come to your aid for any issue you come across!

Upset stomach? Digize or peppermint. Feel something coming on? Thieves. Have children home on summer vacation? Stress Away. You get such a variety of oils in the starter kit and you most definitely use them all! I just want to share a little about each oil and why I love it…

+Stress Away– This basically smells like vacation in a bottle. Young Living gives this away with any starter kit purchase (even the basic kit)…probably because it’s one of everyone’s favorite oils!! Put a couple drops of this in your diffuser and your stresses will melt away.

+Digize– This oil stinks…but you guys it works. I literally just used it 20 minutes ago because my stomach hurt really bad. I have Digize mixed up in a roller so its easy to just roll straight on my stomach! You can also put a drop on your tongue…but that is not for the faint of heart. It has a very potent smell and taste..if you like black licorice you might love it!

+Thieves– You know that saying that goes..have you ever seen me and superman in the room at the same time?? Well that’s how I feel about Thieves and being sick. I use Thieves every single day in some form and I have not been sick in a year. Not joking. So, I’m not going to say Thieves is the reason…but I haven’t been sick in the same room as Thieves…so…

+Lemon– Such a multi-functional oil! Smells amazing to diffuse and a perfect oil to incorporate in your cleaning routine. I also drink a drop of this in my water every day.

+Peppermint– This is another one of my favorite oils. (I say that about all of them.) But seriously. I put a drop of this in my coffee in the morning and it is so awakening and refreshing. I have also struggled with feeling queasy in car rides my ENTIRE life. I put a drop of this on my tongue before we drive anywhere long distance and I have yet to arrive at my destination with an upset stomach!! I could cry. I wish I would have discovered these oils years ago.

+ Citrus Fresh– Recently made part of the vitality line! All of the oils with white labels are considered safe for consumption. This oil is also great added to water or cocktails. Plus it is such an uplifting smell to diffuse. If you are in a slump or feeling down just diffuse some Citrus Fresh!

+Raven– This is a favorite in the winter. It’s such a comforting and soothing smell when diffused. If you are feeling a little congested add a drop of this to the shower floor and it greats an awesome steam to BREATHE.

+Valor– When I bought my starter kit this oil was not included BUT was the first purchase I made after. It’s nicknamed the courage oil so it was very intriguing to me. I have struggled with anxiety my entire life and since having kids it has only intensified. I was desperately looking for natural support and only wanted to use medication as a last resort. (again I am not a Dr. and am not discouraging anyone from using medication!) I did a lot of research on natural support for emotions and I knew a lot of people had success with essential oils.

Like I mentioned earlier, essential oils work in certain areas of our brains and we know how sensitive we can be to smells right!? Smells are often connected to memories. When we are using essential oils to support our emotions they can help replace the bad emotions with more positive ones because of the way the oils affect our brain. So as we continue using them our mood can improve just from smelling the oil. I found this to be true after I had started using them consistently..especially with Valor! Now every time I smell Valor it just makes me feel calm and secure💜

+Peace & Calming– This oil was also not in the starter kit when I joined! Peace and Calming has become one of my favorite oils too. ( see I told you I say that about all of them!) Seriously though. It smells soooo good. I love to diffuse it and wear it on my wrists. This is one oil that I am going to continue ordering forever. If you have children in your house or just tension in your home this oil can be a GREAT reset to the vibes just by diffusing it for awhile.

+Frankincense– Probably one of the more common oils that everyone thinks about when they hear the words ‘essential oils’. It is the OG oil and one of the best. The uses for Frankincense are basically limitless. Seriously go google ‘uses for Frankincense oil’. I personally use it on my face every single night. Its wonderful for skin care and softening fine lines. It smells so good and grounding. This is one I love to diffuse in the evenings when I am reading or doing a bible study!

+Lavender– Basically the unicorn oil. Everyone has heard about lavender and sleep right? If you haven’t you can google that too while you are reading up on Frank. (once you start using frankincense you’ll be on a first name basis b/c he’ll be your best friend.) Back to Lavender. Use it in your night time rollers, on bug bites, to stimulate hair growth, in your drinks…basically if you have an idea for lavender just try it and I’m sure it will be amazing.

+Panaway– This oil is where I catch myself comparing it to an old product I used to LOVE. I’m not supposed to be comparing it to OTC medicines and I feel like it’s not even a comparison anyway. Panaway is amazing and it works. It smells minty and has a cooling effect that makes it ‘like’ the cream I used to rub on my sore muscles. But guess what? Absolutely no chemicals in it. I can rub this on my sore back all day every day and I don’t need to worry about toxins.

How to get started

The best way to dip your toes into the world of essential oils is to just DO IT. I hate to admit that I sat on the fence for a year before I bought my starter kit. 🙁 The main reason was because I was researching every oil company. I finally decided on Young Living because everything I kept seeing pointed to them being the best. I am so glad I finally did purchase one though and will never stop using these oils. The starter kit is only $165 and includes everything below…

Let me ease your mind about the whole process for a minute. When I signed up I wanted nothing to do with an MLM. I just wanted the kit and wanted everyone to leave me alone. You know what? They did. I didn’t have anyone knocking down my door telling me I had to keep buying stuff or needed to sell 20 kits to stay in the oil club. This is a judgment free and pressure free community. But, the community is awesome and it is there for you when you’re ready!! I have met some amazing friends just from deciding to start using oils…God works in mysterious ways! We really do have the most encouraging, loving and welcoming team. I would LOVE to help you get started using essential oils! I am here for any questions you have and would love for you to be a part of our team. You can sign up right now with my personal link yl.pe/8558 Once you join I’ll be sending out an awesome welcome package and when your kit arrives we can walk through it together!

I really believe everyone can benefit from using essential oils and starting to ditch the chemicals in our homes is one of the best ways to take care of our precious families!

The business.

A legitimate concern for people when they grab their oils…You buy a starter kit because you really want the oils…but you don’t want to do the business! That’s fine. You never have to sell anything or buy anything again. (But I have a feeling you’ll want to!) You can basically get your kit paid for just by having 3 friends/family members who want to give oils a try with you. Young Living has the most amazing referral program and sends you $50 for every friend that signs up. So even if you don’t want to jump into the “business”…there is an easy way to at least grab your starter kit for free. Please feel free to reach out to me with any business related questions too!! Our team has a monthly business mentorship that you can join any time once you’re a member!

reach out to me if you have questions about any of the oils or products! I love chatting about this stuff and I LOVE giving samples! 🙂

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