Hi friends! I’m Holly Perona and welcome to my blog. I live in Ca with my husband and 3 babies! I was in desperate need of a creative outlet so here we are! If you stop by you’ll probably find me talking about my children, faith, painting, DIY attempts, my love for essential oils or road trips! My dream is to live on a little farm or at least have a bunch of animals. We already have a pet cow so that’s a start :)



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We got an RV!!!

I’m really not sure the difference between RV and travel trailer…but we got a new (to us)set of wheels. I am so excited!! We have been looking for probably 3 years for the perfect one. Turns out a lot of people are looking for trailers and we always seemed to miss the window of opportunity when we found a good one posted for sale.

The stars aligned though and we finally found the perfect one for our little family. Tom happened to find one posted on craigslist that a nice old lady was selling. She said she already had someone coming to look but since he didn’t show up we could come check it out. We wanted it AND she took our offer. So crazy! We loved the idea of having an RV (I’ll call it that) because Tom rarely takes time off. When he happens to have an afternoon off we like to take advantage of it. We will usually go to lunch or just take the kids to the little zoo in the next town over. Being able to take our trailer and actually stay the night somewhere is a game changer!! Even if it’s somewhere close to home it just feels way more exciting 🙂

The kids love it. They want to hang out in it during the day and I pretty much do too. When I saw pictures of the inside I loved it even though it’s suuuuper 90s. It’s got some nice country blue upholstery and matching curtains. BUT, it’s super clean and I know there is just so much potential to make it look totally cute!!

I already made a Pinterest board…of course. I can’t wait to start putting together ideas. I think my first project is going to be the curtains and I hope I’ll be able to document a lot of the remodel! I’m going to be doing projects very slowly. Mainly because the kids keep me busy, it’s not in our budget to do anything too drastic AND Tom doesn’t really know if my plans yet. haha.

He’ll grow to love it.

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