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3 must have essential oils for traveling

One of the first things that came to mind when we bought our trailer was which oils I wanted to stock it with!! We love the idea of having the trailer stocked and ready to go so we can just load everyone up and hit the road!! I want to make sure I have all of my favorite oils ready to go in the trailer as well!!

3 must have essential oils

I have way more than 3 must have oils when I am traveling..but for our last trip I grabbed these 3 and they will be staying on the trailer ✨ I think these 3 oils are must haves for camping. ⛺️

  1. Citronella
  2. Peppermint
  3. Peace & Calming

I am going to add way more to my trailer collection but for now these are important ones!

Citronella- there is a reason all outdoor scented things are made with citronella! It is the best bug repellent scent EVER. I think it smells so good and just reminds me of summer time. I use this to make my own bug sprays and it’s perfect to put on cotton balls around your trailer/tent

Peppermint- the reason I brought this oil is because I have always gotten so extremely carsick. One drop of peppermint on my tongue before I get in the car and my stomach stays settled the whole time! Plus, a drop of peppermint is great to freshen breath which can come in handy while camping!!

Peace & Calming- I only recently got this blend even though it is a part of the new Young Living premium starter kit! Seriously, I love this oil so much. The smell almost reminds me of skittles. Peace & Calming smells sweet and not overpowering. This blend is so calming and really lives up to its name. This is one oil I know I will buy forever! I love to put a drop on my wrist or roll it on my kids feet. I also like to put a drop inside of my car before driving! If you want a good vibe during your travels be sure to grab this oil ✌🏼It will make your tent or trailer smell dreamy

I was the most skeptical person ever before I started using oils…

I was the most skeptical person ever before I stated using oils. Hearing other people talk about how oils actually DO things besides smell good. I was thinking ya right. Now, all I have to say about that is if you are skeptical…roll some Peace & Calming on your child’s chest before nap time and you’ll be singing a different tune. I love that they are all natural I can rub them all over my kids and not have to worry. There are no ingredients hidden ingredients and everything is backed by a company you can trust! If you want to know more about essential oils you can read about them here.

What are your must have oils for traveling?!

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