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Our first trip in the trailer

We were already able to go on a quick overnight trip this week in our new trailer! The main reason we wanted a trailer is because those quick trips are all we can take at this point. With Tom’s schedule it’s pretty hard to take off multiple days in a row. I’m still dreaming of SOMEDAY taking a week long vacation to Hawaii. But, for now the mini vacations are fun and we’re still making memories with the kids πŸ™‚

My best childhood memories…

Some of my favorite memories during my childhood were going on trips with my parents in our RV. My grandparents had a cabin and all of my relatives had trailers. Every summer we would all drive to the cabin and park our trailers around it. It was like we had our own camp group where all of us cousins could run around and play together all day. The best memories!!

Ellie and Warner were SO excited to go camping. Ellie packed 3 different bags even after I told her all she really needed was a pair of pjs. She wanted to bring books, markers, dolls and all of her notebooks. Along with like 20 different outfits including sweaters, beanies, tights and dresses even though it was going to be 100 degrees.

I am notoriously the worst packer ever. I once got to Palm Springs for a 4 day trip only to realize I completely forgot to pack shirts. I took an overnight trip to San Francisco and somehow didn’t bring my wallet. Then of course there is any time I have gone anywhere with my babies…packing a diaper bag has never been my strong point. It’s kind of nice that Ellie is an over-packer I can always count on her having extra clothes if (when) I forget! This is another reason why I love traveling in a trailer…you can have it stocked up with supplies ahead of time and just leave them there.

We went to lake McClure which is only about an hour away from us. It’s just far enough away for the kids to think we went somewhere cool. The lake really is beautiful though! Besides it being pretty warm and us not wanting to hike around too much because of rattle snakes..there were some gorgeous views.

We bbq’d and ate dinnerat the picnic benches looking out over the lake. So relaxing!! Ellie and I went on a little walk around the camp site… she pointed out that the other trailer in the campground was way nicer than ours πŸ˜‚ After that we watched Tangled in the trailer and went to sleep! I know we could have just done that at home but everything is more fun when you are camping πŸ™‚ I still can’t believe we finally have a trailer. I have big plans to slowly give it a Pinterest makeover. I am just so excited for all of the trips we are going to take! This is just the beginning πŸ’œ

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  1. ashok says:

    Oh the children are sooo sweet 😍 and so is the post 😊

  2. The overnight trips
    Are the best for making great memories and it gives the kids that wonderful sense of adventure. I have similar childhood memories…so great to have!

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