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The best lashes without extensions!!

So, I have always had a love hate relationship with my lashes. They are actually pretty long but they are completely light. I have to wear mascara to make them stand out..and most days I just don’t get around to doing my makeup.

The idea of getting eyelash extensions seemed like a dream come true. Until I heard the price…yikes!! The upfront cost is high and might be worth it. But, the cost of going to get them filled every few weeks is too much for me. Considering I only get around to getting my hair done once a year…it’s just not too likely I’m going to be able to maintain the upkeep of eyelash extensions.

Well fast forward to a few weeks ago and I was noticing how amazing Kasey Jackson’s lashes looked. She is a diamond leader with Young Living and I love following her! She has such a fun personality. She mentioned something called Flutter habit and of course I googled it..because it sounded intriguing. Apparently she has started her own lash company called Flutter Habit…and the lashes are DREAMY!!! You can purchase a starter kit that comes with an info book, 6 sets of lashes and the adhesive glue. The crazy thing is each set can last up to 5 days. So 6 sets has the potential to last almost 2 months if you take care of them. That’s around $30 for 2 months of amazing lashes!! Yes, please. Wayyy cheaper than lash extensions.

I’m on my second week of using them and I absolutely love them. My first set lasted 5 days. On the last day only one of them had come lose but I still ended up just redoing all of them because I wanted more practice. Applying them is pretty easy but if your eyes water a lot it might take a few tries! Make sure you watch the instructional video on her instagram for some good tips on application.

There are no referral codes or anything you just go to the website flutterhabit.com and get your lash on! There is also an option to sign up for a subscription I think it’s a bit cheaper like $25 and you can pick how often it ships. It’s a great product and so reasonable. I’ve had so many compliments on them and I’m telling everyone I know to try them! They are super comfortable too by the way. ✨👌🏻