Hi friends! I’m Holly Perona and welcome to my blog. I live in Ca with my husband and 3 babies! I was in desperate need of a creative outlet so here we are! If you stop by you’ll probably find me talking about my children, faith, painting, DIY attempts, my love for essential oils or road trips! My dream is to live on a little farm or at least have a bunch of animals. We already have a pet cow so that’s a start :)



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We got to take a quick trip to Pinecrest this weekend and we are already missing it sooo much! We went up on Sunday morning and had to leave Monday but we packed the hours full of fun. I would love to be able to take a week long vacation sometime but that’s just not possible at this point. A con of having your own business…it’s hard to take a long vacation! I am thankful for Tom’s business though and I know someday our schedules will have a little more flexibility. 😊

Camping in a trailer is seriously the way to go if you have kids. I am an over packer but I also somehow manage to forget important things…every time. Trailers are awesome because you can have everything stocked up ahead of time. We keep our trailer full of paper plates, utensils, blankets, pillows, toiletries, extra clothes, toys…all the good stuff! The kids love being able to go inside and sit at the table to color or have a snack. We spent most of our time outside though…it was such a beautiful day! We camped at A51 in Pinecrest if you are ever looking for a nice camp spot. It had so much room and was super secluded from all of the neighbors by a bunch of trees.

The kids chased squirrels, made a fort on the tree stump and just let their imaginations run wild πŸ’œ I remember going to my grandparents cabin as a child and it is still some of my best memories. They made a huge tee pee for all of us to play in and we could just sit out there for hours making up our own games with my cousins. I shared over on Instagram how I try to capture all of these sweet moments with photographs because I know how quickly they pass by.

Soon there will be a ‘last time’ of the kids running around laughing and playing. I was reminded of this during our trip because of the girl camping next to us with her parents. She was annoyed at how much the kids were laughing and squealing. She said loudly enough for us to hear..’ugh can’t they just shut up!’ I realized she probably was camping with her parents out of obligation and she didn’t really want to be there. The magic of childhood always goes away. I want to soak up every moment of our kids LOVING to be around us and them still look forward to our trips.

The kids were filthy within like 10 minutes of us being there. We had filled up the water tank on the trailer so we could rinse off but we never even got around to it 🀭 My sister bought the kids headlamps and they played ‘bear hunting’ into the night. We stayed up until after 10 which is so late for all of us lol! The next morning we went to the lake…totally considered that their bath for the trip. The great thing about going camping at the very end of the summer is that it is NOT crowded at all. We basically had the lake to ourselves.

Ellie was SO proud of herself for wading around in the lake without a floaty. If there had been a ton of people in the water I would have made her wear it. She has so much confidence in the water but it makes me nervous! She only had that one set of swimming lessons earlier this summer. She tells me now that she’s really good at surfing 🧐 I wouldn’t be surprised if she does become a surfer..she totally looks the part. Warner still gets nervous and will ask to put his floaty on after a few minutes. I need to get him in swim lessons too! They start at 3 years old or if you start younger it is the ‘mommy and me’ class. It probably wouldn’t hurt me to brush up on my swimming lessons anyway. I have never been a strong swimmer! Well it’s back to reality and Ellie has school today. I will always cherish this camping trip! Such fun ages the kids are right now and I love to see their imaginations at work. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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