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Beginner Whole30 experience

I have decided to try the Whole30 cleanse! Is it considered a cleanse? I’m not sure. I am going to document my beginner Whole30 experience here mainly to keep myself accountable. It wasn’t even on my radar until a couple days ago. I have always heard about Whole30, but never cared to look into it..why would I give up my favortie food groups 🙂 I like my beer, cheese and bread. But you know what? My 35 year old body doesn’t like it lately. This past summer I feel like my body hates me. It’s not about appearance (although I wouldn’t mind toning things up) but I just feel SO sluggish and unhealthy. You can read more about how I’ve been feeling here. Having 3 small children is non-stop activity and I really need all the energy support I can get!

I’m super interested to see what happens when I cut out the items…

I looked on Pinterest for healthy recipes because I was going to attempt to make some minor changes to my diet. Go follow me on Pinterest if you don’t already! Recipes labeled ‘Whole30 approved’ kept popping up. Recipes that actually looked really delicious. So after I poked around for awhile I found out that Whole30 was created to be a reset for your body. You basically cut out: alcohol, sugar, grains, dairy and legumes. All of the stuff I love. BUT after doing this for 30 days you slowly start reintroducing these things and see how your body reacts to them. I already know how my body reacts to sugar and alcohol..not well! But, I’m super interested to see what happens when I cut out the other items. I’ve talked to a bunch of people that have tried this and they all see to have the same testimony…it’s amazing or life changing. I’m SO excited to try it!

I’m at a point where I really am just tired of feeling blah. I want to have as much energy as I need to keep up with my kids so I can really enjoy my days. Whole30 is going to be super hard but I know it will be worth it! I have been planning on starting September 1st and have been under the impression that is on Monday. I just found out September 1st is actually Sunday (tomorrow). Yikes! One less day to eat up all the cheese that is in my fridge lol. I know that is probably setting myself up for things to be more difficult..but I hate to see cheese go to waste. Especially Fiscalinis Purple Moon. I mean I just can’t waste that. Ya, this is going to go well.

I can keep drinking coffee which was the selling point for me. I know I need to cut back on coffee at some point…but for now I’m more excited to cut out the wine. I’m planning on putting a grocery order together tomorrow but I actually have a lot of things already that are approved! I’m trying to focus more on what I CAN have rather than what I CANT have. These almond milk mochas I found that are pictured above are going to save me this month. They are seriously SO good. Perfect if you LOVE sweet coffee but are going sugar & dairy free! The company is women founded BTW. You can grab a 6 pack here…

Any Whole30 advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! I’m planning on keeping track of my progress on here. It is the only way to keep myself accountable..I don’t want to have to report that I failed 😅 But I’m also going to give myself some grace..I’m going to try really hard not forget I’m doing this. I have a tendency to get extremely distracted and I’ll prob end up shoving a bagel in my mouth. I can’t wait to get started!! I am really hopeful that I’m going to see some positive changes and have more energy. Have you tried Whole30?! What was your beginner experience or do you have any expert tips! Comment or DM me over on Instagram if you are interested in trying Whole30 in the month of September…I would love a challenge partner!

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