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3 things I did to make my mornings less chaotic

So, I am not a morning person at all. I never have been. I still remember the exact feeling I had during my school days when the alarm would go off and I seriously wanted to cry. It’s the same feeling I get now when my alarm goes off. Except now I can’t hit snooze… I have to get up and parent. And my kids usually wake me up before the alarm even goes off. Why do they wake up so early 😫 How are they not more tired? Seriously.

Get out of the house if you can!

I have 3 children…5, 2.5 & 1. The first few years of being a mom was extremely rough. I had some serious postpartum blues. I would stay up super late, do the night feedings and then just lay around all day trying to recover on sleep. Any new mom knows this routine is super easy to sink into. It’s such an unhealthy cycle though. Seriously if you can get outside even for a 10 minute walk…just go for it! The fresh air does wonders and it will help to make you feel just a little more human again.

Once I had my second baby I no longer had the luxury of just laying around trying to catch up on sleep

Two kids mean two different schedules. Things were now chaotic on top of being exhausted. I somehow got through that first year and surprise baby #3 was on the way!! I KNEW at this point I needed to figure something else out. I could not keep doing this chaotic routine..it wasn’t healthy for me or the kids. There were many little things I changed this time around but these 3 were the ones that seemed to help the most.

3 things I did to make my mornings less chaotic

•I stopped trying to be a Pinterest perfect family. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having your children all cleaned up and dressed perfectly for daily photo shoots. If that is you… more power to ya. I just know myself and I can not keep up with that. I gave myself the freedom to let go of trying to make us look perfect on the outside 😂 If you go follow me on IG you will see my kids are covered in dirt most of the time and not wearing shoes. My oldest likes to dress herself now which is awwwesome. Do her outfits always match? No. Does her hair have tangles sometimes? Yes. But we call them beachwaves. Taking away the need to start the day with everyone looking perfect really helped me to relax more in the mornings. There wasn’t so much pressure on any of us. Of course I love following families on IG who have it all together with their adorable outfits. But seriously how do you make that happen every day. Are you waking up at 4am? I would love to know 😆 LET GO OF PERFECTION

•I started using my diffuser. Yes it really does work. I roll oils on myself and the kids EVERY morning. BUT, my favorite way to use oils is to turn on my diffuser! This seriously can change the whole mood of the house in the morning. Sometimes I forget to get the diffuser going and something will feel off. Then when I realize..oooh I’m not diffusing Peace & Calming that’s the problem. 🤪 A good calming aroma will put everyone in a better mindset to start the day. Plus your body gets used to it and will start to expect it in the mornings. Just like your cup of coffee! I even put oils IN my coffee yum. Need oils! I got you. Check out my post on oils

I know this isn’t a Young Living diffuser but I love using this one as a gift for new sign ups! It’s such a fun shape and looks cute in any room. If you want to grab an oil kit be sure to let me know you want your free extra diffuser! (The kit already comes with one 🤗) So you will get TWO! 👏🏻

•one of the more recent changes was one that I should have done years ago. I cleaned up the apps on my phone and deleted a lot of them that are constantly giving notifications. I started to realize over the past couple of months that I would look at my phone literally as soon as I opened my eyes. A few minutes later I would almost always feel overwhelmed by the notifications. Each one of those notifications meant someone needed something. Then my kids would wake up and all need me too of course! I was literally starting my day feeling overwhelmed before my feet even touched the ground. That is NOT a good way to start the day and it is not biblical. I started to recite the verse in my head, “you shall have no other Gods before me’. I noticed that phrase would pop into my head automatically after a few days each time I would reach for my phone first thing in the morning. That’s exactly what my phone had become. Not good!

I have a bunch of other changes I have made to help support my mornings like taking supplements, using CBD oil at night and trying to exercise. But I just wanted to share a few of the things that have really helped me! If you are a tired mama that can’t seem to get a handle on your morning routine I hope this can help you out and like everyone tells us all the time, ‘this is just a season’ 💜

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