Hi friends! I’m Holly Perona and welcome to my blog. I live in Ca with my husband and 3 babies! I was in desperate need of a creative outlet so here we are! If you stop by you’ll probably find me talking about my children, faith, painting, DIY attempts, my love for essential oils or road trips! My dream is to live on a little farm or at least have a bunch of animals. We already have a pet cow so that’s a start :)



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3 must have essential oils for traveling

One of the first things that came to mind when we bought our trailer was which oils I wanted to stock it with!! We love the idea of having the trailer stocked and ready to go so we can just load everyone up and hit the road!! I want to make sure I have all of my favorite oils ready to go in the trailer as well!! 3 must have

We got an RV!!!

I’m really not sure the difference between RV and travel trailer…but we got a new (to us)set of wheels. I am so excited!! We have been looking for probably 3 years for the perfect one. Turns out a lot of people are looking for trailers and we always seemed to miss the window of opportunity when we found a good one posted for sale. The stars aligned though and we

Essential Oils 101

Yay! Welcome, friend! If you are here that means that you are interested in learning more about essential oils and that is awesome. I want to start with a disclaimer..all essential oils are not created equal. When I’m sharing about oils..they are always Young Living oils. Young Living is the global leader in essential oils and has been perfecting their seed to seal promise for 25 years. ( seedtoseal.com )

Swim lessons…finally!

I can’t believe I waited until Ellie was 5 before I signed her up for swim lessons. I have thought about it every year since she was born. This is just another reminder of how fast time goes by because I really intended on having her go at the age of 3. Time goes by fast…and I am a procrastinator. I think it worked out though and was the perfect

The best natural 3 ingredient teething remedy

Teething seems to be a point in our children’s first years that can bring a lot of discomfort to not only them but us as well! I want to share the best natural 3 ingredient teething remedy! When babies are cutting teeth the can be fussy and not sleep which causes they to be even MORE fussy. When babies don’t sleep neither does mama, right? I can’t really remember when

I have a kindergartner!!

I can’t believe my baby girl is going to be starting kindergarten this fall. Everyone always says to enjoy every moment because it goes by fast and I knew that would be true but I never imagined it would go THIS fast. I have tried to be intentional about being in the moment (although I fail at this daily) over the past 5 years. I knew she was going to

Top 5 essential oil supplies I always use!!

These are my top 5 essential oil supplies and they are all under $20!!

Some of my best memories..

I know there is a way to move my old blog posts over to the new site…but I have no idea how to do it. I used to be so tech savvy…I don’t know what happened..technology has gotten too complicated for me!! I’m going to recreate some of my fav posts on here because I love the memories and want to have them to look back on. I love blogs

How to easily grow succulents!!

I LOVE plants. I especially love plants that are easy to grow. If it was up to me I would have a huge garden full of beautiful flowers . The rental house we live in right now has a pretty big yard that came pre-landscaped. Besides the Iris flowers the rest is basically shrubs. I do have a collection of my favorite potted plants though…SUCCULENTS!! Seriously, succulents are the cutest

Why I am starting a blog!

Hi! I’m Holly and welcome to my blog!! I started a blog awhile back and had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t…but I have been researching a bit more and think I’m a little more organized this time around. Apparently starting a blog that says .wordpress.com at the end is a big no no?? I love reading other’s blogs and always thought it sounded really fun to